Friday, October 12, 2007

Common Sense Calcium and Mineral Facts

Calcium Supplements - Is There Really a Difference?

Learn how to share the Blood Type Diet with Others

Studies reveal that the body absorbs less than 10% of the most popular calcium tablets containing calcium lactate, calcium phosphate, or calcium carbonate. How does your calcium supplement measure up? Find out in this issue.

Up until now, the usual calcium question had been: "How can we make this substance better tolerated and absorbed by the body?" Dr. Peter D'Adamo asked a better question: "Can we find another source of natural calcium not only friendly to all blood types, but also one that the body can utilize readily and with greater efficiency?"

Dr. D'Adamo found that ideal calcium source, a small red seaweed found only in the isolated areas off the coast of Northwest Ireland. Discover more about Calcium supplements

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Now Learn How to Share the Diet with Others

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