Friday, October 12, 2007

My Response to complaints on Apple

Reports: Apple Near To Opening iPhone To Third-Party Apps - Apple Unvarnished - InformationWeek:

All companies have rules and regulations, for the most part we follow those rules. Why can't Apple have rules too? My cell phone company has it's rules and restrictions that allow me to do and only do what they have made available through their services. Any successful business has it's 'terms & conditions' (Oh, is this that bad word CONTROL?) we sign off on those 'terms & conditions'. hmmmm?

To consumers who have complained about the iPhone or any other Apple product. I guess that you are the ones that are never happy with anything and are always complaining about everything, unless it suites YOUR needs. What about everyone else's needs? Idiotic and selfish!

I have been a Mac user for many years and have gone through all sorts of changes with the company, and guess what? I am still a Mac user. If your a true Mac user you would appreciate the steps that Apple is taking.

They have developed a cell phone that is changing the industry worldwide (remember the iPod? yep... people complained that they could only use iTunes). BE PATIENT PEOPLE, WAIT FOR THE REST OF THE INDUSTRY TO CATCH UP! AND IT WILL!

"Rome wasn't built in a day" The more you complain the more you are giving Apple the drive & ammunition to develop a solution THAT WILL"BLOW YOUR PC MINDS. Maybe then and only then you will understand!

To some of you I may sound stupid and idiotic... well you sound stupid and idiotic to me. I'm sorry if this message sounds to harsh, it's my message to tell just as you have told yours.

In the business world (No means Yes!) Complaints, just makes the product better. Your messages to Apple tells them how to move forward for consumer satisfaction. What will you complain about then?

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