Monday, April 03, 2006

I've completed, "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world"

It's April 3rd already! I can't believe it... the last time I wrote in my blog was the day that I had started my women's bible study.

I can truelly say that it has been an amazing journey. I have really enjoyed the writings of Joanna Weaver. She writes just how it is, no wordy stuff that makes it boring. Wow! is all I can say.

I really did not know the two women in the bible named Martha and Mary. That they were sisters and that Lazarus who I have heard pastors talk about was their brother. Now I have a connection, "that's pretty cool". In the beginning I thought Martha was a selfish person, only focusing on how things looked, how she could present her home, people telling her how good the food she cooked was. That she did all the work and how come it seemed that nobody helped her (she had a bunch of servents, but she did not seem to notice) because remember it was all about her. Well, I was WRONG! She really did love the Lord with all her heart, service and devotion was was her way of worshiping the Lord. Mary sat at the Lords feet and poured her expensive perfume on his feet and then wiped it with her hair. This was Mary's way of service and devotion to the Lord.

I learned just as Joanna Weaver did, that they can become one. She stated in her book:

"Then, several weeks later, as I drove toward the hospital to visit one of our ailing church members, I found myself wondering, Is this visit a Martha thing or a Mary thing? I'd been asking the same question about writing this book. "All the work I'm putting in, all the writing and rewriting - is this Martha duty or Mary devotion? I wasn't certian.

Suddenly as I drove along, in the midst of my mental eenie-meenie-miney-mo, I realized it was both! Visiting the hospital was doing the Martha Mary-ly. Writing about intimacy with God was Mary doing the Martha faithfully. In my once-divided heart, the two had become one. I no longer had to worry about my motives, whether I was acting out of duty or devotion. God had knocked down the wall and made the Living Room and Kitchen all one. "It's both! I cried, thumping the steering wheel, a huge smile on my face. "It's both."

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